New start time: 6:45pm on Tuesdays in the Fellowship Hall

We are beginning a new series concerning the spiritual, personal, financial, vocational, and relationships of our lives. What makes us who we are as Christian men, and how do we keep a healthy spiritual balance? Don’t miss it! See our Calendar for Dates.

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Why do we call it Training Camp?

…Because this is where we train and prepare!  We are training and preparing to get out on the field as faithful, committed, and effective Christian Men and make a difference in our homes, our neighborhoods, our workplace, and our community!

Training Camp is for all men, and its purpose is to help guys effectively grow as men of God and to experience a consistent and faithful relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. At Training Camp we have outstanding worship with leaders like Gary Rea and Kyle Hildebrandt, and cover topics that are relevant to men’s daily lives.


At Training Camp we are committed to helping you grow in:


of God’s Word


of God’s Word


Your devotional time in prayer and conversations with God


Your worship and adoration of our Lord Jesus Christ


Your fellowship and connections with other Christian guys


Your involvement and participation in what God is doing in and around your church and community

So make plans to come out and join us for our Training Camp and be a part of what God is doing in the hearts and the lives of the Men at Maranatha Chapel!


6:45pm in the FELLOWSHIP HALL